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Where to Buy Mobile Phones Online in Ghana?

Mobile phones are telecommunication devices that is used for connecting to friends and family around the world. Your mobile phone is like your electronic personal assistant because it is always with you anywhere you go. Choosing the perfect mobile phone goes a long way in making things easier. A new generation of mobile phones called the smartphones are generally used all around the world. With your smartphone you can surf the web, send mails, make phone calls, send text messages, stay connected to your social media friends and fans, get directions using maps, set appointments and schedules, and so much more. It is more than just a device, they are the future. In choosing the perfect smartphone you need to consider a lot of things. First you check the brand name, this can be Nokia, HTC, Apple, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Sony, Blackberry, and more. On Jumia Market, you can search by brands using the filter option. This helps make your search faster especially if you have a particular type of brand in mind. After selecting the brand you prefer, you can select from different models for example, you can select Tecno, then Tecno Boom J8. Make sure you look out for important specifications and features such as screen size; this is usually measured in inches. It is the screen display size. Most screen sizes are accompanied by the resolution. You should lookout for phones with high resolution because the higher the resolution, the better the image or screen display quality. You should also look out for good processor speed mostly from 1.3GHz above and must be a quad-core (4 Processors). This makes the phone execute instructions faster and better. You should also lookout for the RAM size. This is the number of applications that can be run simultaneously and stored temporarily by the processor. The RAM is measure in (Gigabyte) GB. It is advisable to get a smartphone with RAM size of 2GB above. If you are the type that likes running a lot of applications then you need a phone with a large RAM size. If you get any higher than 2GB RAM, that's awesome. Also check the internal storage space of the phone. This is also measured in (Gigabyte) GB. Make sure you select mobile phone with 16GB internal memory and above. This will give you enough room to save your favourite songs, pictures, videos and more. Also make sure it supports an external memory of 32GB and above. The type of card slot also matters if it's a microSD or SD card.

Top Brands of Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile phones are important electronic gadgets especially in this internet age. With the array of social media apps and entertaining apps, phones help people stay connected; they make life more fun and so much easier. When talking about smartphones and tablets, there are brands that are worth mentioning. These top brands have succeeded in revolutionizing how mobile phones operate. They are:

Apple Inc: They are the producers of the sensational iPhones. These smartphones run on the iOS operating system and the first generation iPhone was released into the market in 2007. The Apple Inc is known all around the world to be the leading smartphone and tablet brand.The most recent models are the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus released in 2015.

Samsung: The first Samsung smartphone was released in 2009. This brand is one of the biggest smartphone brands. Recently, Samsung developed the Tizen Operating System which is an alternative to the Android OS. The latest flagship of this brand is the Samsung Galaxy J1 released to the market in March, 2016.

HTC: Founded as a laptop manufacturing company, the HTC brand released its first smartphone, the HTC Dream, in 2008. This brand manufactures both Android and Windows smartphones. The latest flagship of this brand is the HTC Desire 825 which was released into the market in February, 2016.

Nokia: This brand has been known for many years as one of the best producers of telecommunications equipment and mobile devices. They were formerly the largest mobile manufacturer and their latest mobile phone is the 230 Dual Sim launched in November 2015.

LG: The first LG Android phone was launched in 2009 and the first LG tablet was released in 2011. The latest flagship from this brand is the K5 which was released in March, 2016.

Sony Mobile: This brand was formally known as Sony Ericsson. Its Xperia range is one of the most popular smartphones today. Sony is known for its waterproof and dustproof smartphones. The latest production from this brand is the Xperia X Dual which was released into the market in February, 2016.

Blackberry: This brand, formerly known as the Research in Motion Company became popular for selling mobile phones with the QWERTY keypad. It was also very popular for the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which is its home-owned instant messaging (IM) application. Blackberry's latest flagship is the Blackberry Priv, released in October, 2015.

What to Look Out for When Shopping Smartphones and Tablets

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, there are certain areas to consider.

Operating System: You have to consider whether you would prefer the iOS for iPhones, the Android OS, the Windows OS or other Operating Systems.

Screen Size: The screen size you go for will depend on what exactly you are getting your phone for. If you want a phone for the purpose of seeing movies, playing games and reading e-books, a larger screen will be your best bet. On the other hand, if you want a portable, easy to carry around smartphone, you can go for those with smaller screen sizes.

Display Quality: Pay attention to important features such as brightness, viewing angles and colour quality when you go shopping for smartphones.

Processor and RAM: A good processor will mean that your applications will flow smoothly. Also, the higher the RAM of the gadget, the faster the applications will run.

Battery Life: A smartphone whose battery lasts as long as 9 hours has a great battery. A good battery life will make a smartphone more enjoyable.